About Us

Our love for classic, finer clothing, is the foundation for the clothing we offer, and the inspiration for the name, Four And Twenty Sailors. We love seeing vintage photos of families and children wearing turn of the century European clothing, such as sailor suits and formal dresses. While we offer so much more than sailor suits, they still remind us of the tradition and history of finer clothing.

In the Fall of 1989 Four And Twenty Sailors was born. We carry the finest European designers from Holland, Spain, France and Italy blended with creative North and South American Manufacture. 

A natural symbol for us was the anchor, the anchor symbolizes stability, we are proud that we are looked upon for consistently offering clothing that is of great value and enduring.

Our Story 

In the fall of 1988, after being blessed with our son, our first child, Four and Twenty Sailors opened. We had both worked in finer clothing shops and while shopping for our newly born son we were surprised with the absence of finer children's clothing stores and the personalization that finer shops provide. Our background and this realization provided the inspiration to open our store. Since the day we opened, we have worked hard to offer clothing that is unique to this area and classic in design.


We have always focused on finer clothing and have expanded to serve ladies and men. We have worked hard to earn and keep our reputation for the products we offer, and more importantly the service we provide. We truly love our relationship with each customer, who is not just someone who shops at Four and Twenty Sailors, but is an integral part of our lives and hope they feel that way too.

I Saw a Ship a-Sailing

By Mother Goose